Locating the 5 Best Inground Pool Pump Choices For 2021

Are you tired of staying at home? Of course, you are! You want to go away from this whole coronavirus situation and relax for a bit. Are you planning to go to the public swimming pool? If you are, that’s not going to happen any sooner because all the public places are closed. Now, what will you do? Don’t worry. If you are fortunate enough to have an empty backyard in your house, then your problem is solved.

This article has the finest inground pool pump options for you to buy and relax while swimming in your home. Continue reading to find out!

Pool Pump Components

The word “pool pump” is employed to define the whole pump system, which comprises of the electric engine, an impeller plus diffuser, and the container and casing for the strainer in which this container fits. A swimming pool pump requires inertial force to transfer water from the pool, and also depends on air pressure to shift water to the pool pump.

Swimming pool pumps produce almost no airflow from the tub, back to the pump, to release water. After the pipeline is full of water from the pool to the in-ground pool pump, the pool pump will then move the water via the pool cleaner and return to the pool.

If you want to place an in-ground pool, you need to know the pool pump parts so that it becomes easy for you to repair your pool. They are mentioned below.

  • Water inlet: The pump forces purified water via a set of inlets back into the pool, also known as jets. The tiny inlet ports generate extra water pressure so that the water is fired into the pool directly.
  • Water outlet: A water outlet is a tube that connects to the pump that collects water via a skimmer, next via a filter, and then via several inlets straight to the pool.
  • Filter: The function of a filter is to remove all the toxins and debris from the pool pump so that it can flow easily. The configuration of the pool pump is normally placed in a gap below the pool water level next to the filter so that water flows through the pump through gravity.
  • Impeller: An impeller is a spinning part of a centrifugal motor that carries power from the motor driving the pump to the circulated fluid by moving the fluid away from the movement center.
  • Motor: The pump insides are formed of gaskets, separators, and baskets for strainers. Each of these components makes up the waterside however they are simply bits of well-formed plastic. The motor is the component that allows it to come to existence.

Speed Options For Inground Pool Pump Choices

Pool pumps come with various pumping speed selections: low, medium, and high. All of these speeds are appropriate for different activities and are used in swimming pools. Let’s have a look at them.


These pumps require an induction engine running at a steady velocity of 2850 RPM. They can even be swamped vacuum pumps which means that they are located underneath the water pipeline using gravitational force to maintain the pump prepared, or they might be self-priming.


Dual speed pumps are in a similar technical class as single-speed pumps; however, the key distinction is that they are operating at a high speed and low speed as well. Dual speed pumps often charge a little more.

Variable Speed

Variable speed pumps are termed incredibly unique and can solve some of the problems with single and dual velocity pumps. The way they operate is by employing a stress detector which senses when the water pressure is reduced too much to switch the pump off.

Flow Rate Matters When Selecting An Inground Pool Pump

To achieve optimal circulation and adapt your pump frequency to your pool size, you need to decide the correct flow speed for your pool. The whole amount of water requires at least three to four times a day to flow via the filter and sewage network. To do this, you’ll have to adjust your inground pool pump to the right flow rate for your pool size. That is why the flow rate is an important factor to consider when buying a pool pump.

Above Ground vs Inground Pool Pumps

The biggest distinction between in-ground and in-ground pool pumps is that the in-ground pumps are “self-priming,” but the aboveground pumps above are not. Above ground swimming pool pumps are “gravity powered” and have to be mounted underneath the water pipeline of the above-ground swimming pool.

Few in-ground swimming pool pumps mostly on the ground are mounted over the water line within the swimming pool, up on the roof, or within poolside machinery shed.

Our Top 5 Choices For The Best Inground Pool Pump

Now that you know about the basics of a pool pump, it’s time for the most awaited section from where you will decide which in-ground pool pump is suitable for you.

Pentair 011028

This pool pump is manufactured by Pentair and weighs 50 pounds. It is available on Amazon. The dimensions of this pool pump are 23.3 x 10.8 x 12.4 inches. It is ranked as #7 in Swimming Pool Heat Pumps section.

Features of the Pentair 011028

Pentair 011028This pool pump offers a power keyboard that can be revolved on the pump or fence installed with a deportation pack for comfortable alignment. This also fully integrates with Pentair control programs that offer you the ease of controlling your mobile phone. Also, this pool pump has a specially constructed cooling fan system for silent operation and high durability.

The list layout for scheduling and tracking is logical and convenient to use. It contains 8 configurable fan speeds and a programmed timer which is an outstanding feature.

Pros and Cons of the Pentair 011028

As with any best inground pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. The Pentair 011028 is no exception.

  • The eight variable speeds make it easy to adjust according to the requirement of the swimming pool.
  • The energy star certified pool pump saves 90% energy as compared to other pool pumps.
  • The permanent magnet motor and TEFC design work in tandem to make the machine extremely quiet even at high RPM. The noise cancels out to as low as 45 decibels, making it almost dramatically quiet.
  • The machine is fully compatible with all kinds of swimming pools and 3rd party systems.
  • Due to its upgraded features, the Pentair 011028  is costlier than its alternatives.
  • It is not advisable to move the pump around a lot. This is because the machine is slightly heavy. Furthermore, it can prove to be a nuisance if you have to keep going back and forth with such a substantial weight.
  • The weight also makes the machine less versatile. It is difficult to move the machine around for use. Furthermore, this disadvantage limits the areas and ways in which you can place the machine.

Overall Verdict on this Best Inground Pool Pump

The Pentair 011028 is truly one of a kind product. The best and newest Pentair model, this pump has all the latest features and advanced technology while also being energy efficient as the rest of the products in this range.

Pool maintenance can be quite expensive, but the pump does its bit to reduce the cost by saving incredible amounts of energy. The pool pump seamlessly brings together efficiency, energy-saving, and long-lasting durability.

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Harris Pool Pump H1572747

This pool pump is manufactured by Harris Pool Products and weighs 35 pounds. It is available on Amazon and comes in the size of 1 and 1.5hp. It is ranked as #4,195 in Patio, Lawn & Garden section and, #8 in Pool Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories section.

Features of the Harris Pool Pump H1572747

Harris Pool Pump H1572747The Stainless Steel 1 HP engine shaft is made with a strengthened thermoplastic frame with hydraulic carborundum and graphite joints for a better quality of life and reliability. The dimensions of this product are 25 x 15 x 11 inches. The modern technology has provided high performance and low disturbance.

This pool pump fulfills all standards for CSA and ETL. It requires only 115 Volts to operate. It features a 2 inch unit for suction and drain terminals as well as a handy drain tube. Harris Pro Force 1 HP Inground Pool Pumps cost lower interest rates unlike high-end brands, yet somehow delivers excellent performance and effectiveness. Such pumps are composed of strong metal and rust-proof protection design.

Pros and Cons of the Harris Pool Pump H1572747

As with any best inground pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. The Harris Pool Pump H1572747 is no exception.

  • The Harris pool pump is cost-effective. Its price is around half of a similar Hayward variant.
  • It is less noisy compared to most other pool pump variants of the same or higher price range.
  • It can replace your existing pump with minimum structural changes to your plumbing system.
  • The filter basket is easily accessible and provides for easy disposal of debris.
  • The 1HP motor ensures an overall powerful performance.
  • The pool pump provides consistent performance for a long time. You could opt for a warranty, but you probably won’t need it.
  • The Harris Pool Pump heats up quickly to a pretty high temperature, though that does not seem to affect the working in any way.
  • Finding spare parts for this pool pump appears to be a tedious process. The spares are not readily available in the market and are not provided by the company either.
  • There are no customer service centers by Harris that are accessible

Overall Verdict on this Best Inground Pool Pump

The Harris Pool Pump H1572747 is a product that offers exceptional quality for a low price. It is a strong competitor against big brands like Hayward. Its powerful structure ensures that your pool transforms from green to clean in a surprisingly short span of time.

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Hayward SP2610X15

This pool pump is manufactured by Hayward and weighs 39.2 pounds. It is available on Amazon. The dimensions of this pool pump are 28.6 x 7.9 x 10.3 inches. It is ranked as #5 in Pool Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories section. This is built for all styles and dimensions of in-ground swimming pools.

Features of the Hayward SP2610X15

Hayward SP2610X15The Hayward Super Pump Single-Speed 1.5 Pool Pump indicates the industry target for performance and reliability and belongs to the finest-selling medium-head pump group in the whole world. The modern product-ease layout provides easy 4-bolt accessibility for easy repair to all internal parts.

It is a purpose-built heavy-duty motor. The extra-big dust container provides reduced constant cleaning. It also offers airflow circulation which makes performance cleaner, smoother, and much more productive. The special flip-away handle knobs allow removing of strainer lid without any tools.

Pros and Cons of the Hayward SP2610X15

As with any best inground pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. The Hayward SP2610X15 is no exception.

  • A high-performance engine fitted with a thermal overload protector and a Norl impeller gives high flow rates even at a lesser speed.
  • The 4 bolt swing aside hard knobs make it easy to open the strainer lid. Drainage alert is apparent due to the strainer basket’s transparency. This makes it extremely easy to clean.
  • The debris holder has extra leaf holding capacity and is perfect for big pools for a cleaner, long-lasting use.
  • Corrosion-resistant material ensures durability.
  • The machine offers only a single speed function. This puts a dent on the pool pump’s versatility. The single-speed limits the functioning of the pump according to an individuals’ specific needs.
  • Since the Hayward SP2610x15 pool pump is a heavy-duty industrial machine, it may be on the more expensive side for some.
  • Some users have had issues with the efficiency and ecological capacity of this machine. This is because the power and capacity of the machine reduce its efficiency due to high usage.

Overall Verdict on this Best Inground Pool Pump

The Hayward SP2610x15 is, without a doubt, one of the best machines to enter the pool pump market. The machine has heavy-duty power and a capacity to provide a maximum flow rate. This performance and capacity is what makes the pool pump unparalleled and gives it an advantage over other machines.

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Pentair 340039

This pool pump is manufactured by Pentair and weighs 38.7 pounds. This pool pump comes with a year’s warranty and it is self-priming. Its dimensions are 27.5 x 12.5 x 14.8 inches. It is ranked as #73 in Pool Pump Replacement Parts & Accessories section. It is available on Amazon.

Features of the Pentair 340039

Pentair 340039The Pentair Super Flo is a single-speed pool pump and is a 1-1/2-horsepower pump that productively transfers more water for reduced running expenses. Because of the innovative inner flow architecture, it offers a silent process that lessens hydraulic disturbance. For a quick start-up, this motor has a self-priming function.

This pool pump also offers a 56 square connector device with industrial power and especially sophisticated hydraulic networks. The large strainer bucket increases the duration of the cleaning procedure and it allows an examination to be quick and convenient. It contains complex fenced body parts.

Pros and Cons of the Pentair 340039

As with any best inground pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. The Pentair 340039 is no exception.

  • Extremely silent while in use. All users have stated that this pump is quiet, due to integral volute.
  • It is power efficient and gets the job done using less energy.
  • Its self-priming ability helps in quick setup.
  • Durable and less wear and tear due to lower energy usage.
  • It allows a greater duration between cleanings as the extended filter holds large amounts of waste before requiring cleaning.
  • The one-year warranty is very helpful, as Pentair will take care of any issues.
  • The silent functioning tends to fade over time and the Pentair 340039 pool pump itself is subject to depreciation after overuse.
  • Though durable, the parts that do wear out are required to be replaced immediately or run the risk of malfunction.
  • The warranty is limited in certain aspects.
  • Installation errors do not make the company liable for repairs and refunds, so installation should be done with care.
  • A proper base is needed, or noise may ensue.

Overall Verdict on this Best Inground Pool Pump

Pentair has always produced quality machines for commercial as well as personal use, and the Pentair 340039 SuperFlo Pool Pump is no exception. It has numerous brilliant features that stump most of its competition.

It offers the features of a more expensive commercial pump at an affordable rate. It’s silent functioning as well as energy efficiency make it one of the best pool pumps available today.

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XtremePowerUS Pool Pump

This pool pump is manufactured by XtremepowerUS and weighs 30.8 pounds. Its dimensions are 24.5 x 12 x 8 inches. It is ranked as #20 in Swimming Pool Heat Pumps section. It is available on Amazon.

Features of the XtremePowerUS Pool Pump

XtremePowerUS Pool PumpThis heavy-duty inground pool pump includes a greater-performance engine with air-flow drainage for smoother and colder service. With a simple open and fast lock, the big strainer bucket is the biggest in its category, and also has a clear pump lid which means reduced effort and more swimming.

The inground pool pump has an ETL and UL qualification which ensures acknowledged safety requirements. It also supplies a two-piece Unit Fitting exclusively.

Pros and Cons of the XtremePowerUS Pool Pump

As with any best inground pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. The XtremePowerUS Pool Pump is no exception.

  • It provides all the high-performance features at an extremely affordable price.
  • The anti-corrosive polymeric material lends it longevity and durability.
  • It has a High-Efficiency Impeller that maximizes the water flow and decreases the running noise.
  • It has an energy-efficient motor with a commercial-grade frame.
  • The large debris-basket of the pump allows it to run for more extended periods without interruption. The transparent basket displays the debris level at all times for easy cleaning.
  • The XtremePowerUS pool pump comes with thermal protection for safety.
  • The wiring diagrams provided in the user manual of the pump are not easy to understand. Therefore, you may have to contact a professional or do research yourself to follow the installation process correctly.
  • The size of the pool pump is smaller, which makes it unfit for larger in-ground pools. If you’re using it for a larger pool, you must be patient with its operating time.
  • You need to buy the NPT fittings yourself, as it does not come with the package.

Overall Verdict on this Best Inground Pool Pump

The XtremePowerUs inground pool pump is an efficient in-ground pool pump that can easily fit into your budget. It delivers a high-performance and reliable service at a fraction of the price that other pool pump brands charge.

With its sleek design and efficient motor, it runs quietly and prevents over-heating of the pump. Once you install the XtremePowerUs pool pump in your in-ground pool, you will not have to worry about the maintenance of your pool for years.

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Our Final Thoughts on the Best Pool Pump Options

Which of these inground pool pump options is best for you? The answer to this question depends on you. We have provided you the best options for in-ground pool pumps. You will not regret buying any of these pool pumps and will enjoy your summer.

Go ahead and pick a high quality inground pool pump today!

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