Discovering How To Hook Up Pool Vacuum To Intex Pump in 2021

Intex pools have been popping up in backyards across the country for years now. Their convenience and lower cost than traditional pools make them desirable for those looking to get a seasonal pool without sinking a large investment.

Cleaning these pools is very nearly identical to any other pool, but a cursory glance on line will tell you that people are having trouble and need direction on how to hook up pool vacuum to Intex pump.

How To Hook Up Pool Vacuum To Intex Pump

Identify what size your Intex pump is in relation to the GPH (Gallons per Hour). This will determine which kinds of vacuum accessories you can use. If your Intex pump is a low-rated GPH (1200 or lower) you will need to use a suction vacuum. If your Intex pump is a higher rated GPH (1500+) you can use induction vacuums and that appears to be where pool owners are making their mistakes with hooking their pool vacuum up to their Intex pumps.

With the smaller pump flow, you are better off going with the standard suction vacuum. Submerge your hose into the pool and fill it with water. You can do this by keeping one end under water as you feed more and more of the hose under until you reach the end, or you can hold your hose against the outlet jet letting the pool do the work for you.

Once the hose is filled with water, connect one end to the vacuum head and the other to your inlet port, all without allowing the hose above the waterline and sucking in air. Once this connection is made you’ll hear your pump and filter chug a few times as the remaining air is passed through and then you’re ready to vacuum. Clean your filter regularly through your vacuuming process and clean it especially well when you are done.

If you have a stronger pump with 1600 or 1800 GPH, you can use a jet vacuum. These models have some advantages over the standard suction vacuuming. First, they connect to your pool’s outlet jets, not the sucking inlet port. This is where many pool owners are confused. This advantage means you don’t have to carefully fill the hose with water, it will happen naturally.

Another advantage is the filtration screening happens in the vacuum head itself so you’re not having to clean the the Intex pump’s filter constantly during vacuuming. These jet induction vacuums roam the pool floor automatically and cut your work down so you can enjoy more time in the pool.

About Modifying Pool Vacuums

A word or two on modifications. There are plenty of videos out there explaining how the pool user custom built an apparatus or modified their equipment to hook their pool vacuum up to their Intex pump. These solutions are ingenious and innovative but their functionality balances between the absurdly difficult and the irresponsibly damaging to the pool.

While Intex pools are not expensive when compared to a traditional pool, you do not want to replace them because of a failed attempt at a modification. We suggest purchasing the available Intex adapters for pool vacuum accessories to attach to the Intex pump. The cost is minimal but the savings may be your pool’s liner, pump, or even your own time and trouble fidgeting with these home-made disasters.

If your cleaning process requires you to jump through a bunch of hoops, you’re less likely to clean as often as you should. A dirty and neglected pool is not what you signed up for when you bought the Intex. So if you follow these simple directions, you’ll find the pool vacuuming process to be a simple and painless chore.