Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump Manual Product Review For 2022

Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump is a submersible pump that is submerged to pump out the fluid. It can pump up to 350 gallons of water in just one hour as a result it is an efficient pump. There is no pump cavitation using these pumps as there is no height difference between pump and water.

The power cord is up to 25 feet as a result it is very flexible to use. Because of the pre-filtration process, there will be no clog while using this pump. It is also Eco-friendly and less expensive.

About the Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump

The brand is pump away. The length of the pump is 10 inches the width is 8 inches and the height is also 8 inches. The power source is corded electrically. A submersible pump that can pump up to 350 gallons of water in one hour is a good amount. About 1/8-inch-deep water can be pumped out using it.

It has a standard hose adapter which can very easily be installed. It has a warranty of one year and it is listed in UL. When the water is still 1/8 inch the pump is turned off automatically. No clogs will be there as there is a pre-filter present.

The item’s weight is 2.7 pounds. The item model number is BS 27316. The manufacturer’s name is pumped away. It is available in black color. There is no discount on purchasing it. Its A SIN is B00ZS34GL8.

Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the pumps away pool cover pump

pumps away pool cover pump

As with any best pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception.

We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this pool pump from all angles, though. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump.


While this pool pump is a solid option, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you only want the best for what is likely one of the most expensive things in your home: your pool.

As such, below are a few alternative options to the Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump.


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Our Final verdict

pumps away pool cover pump

The pump away pool cover pump is efficient and not very expensive having a warranty of up to 1 year. It is also trusted worthy as it is UL listed. As the power cord has a long length it allows the distant pumping of water. Its quality is also good and recommended by 90% of people.

It is very efficient as it is used when submerged in water and pumped until reaches a depth of up to 1/8 inches of water with no clogging as filters are present.

Saves energy as it turns off automatically. Very easy to install. It has a long power cord which makes it very easy to use. The flow of water rate is also high. A huge amount of water can be pumped out 350 gallons in one hour.

For water garden and pond pumps, it earns the rank number 31 as the best seller and number 15 for lawn gardens and patio. Reliable as listed under UL and as it is lightweight can be easily moved from one place to another. All these qualities make it perfect.