Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump Product Review For 2022

Pool covers are the best and productive way to minimize the evaporation from your indoor or outdoor swimming pools when it is not in use, thus cutting off the cost of hiring professionals to heat the pools. However, you must get rid of the water off of the Pool cover’s top before removing it to enjoy the pool again. Although this water can be drained off with a garden hose or excavated with a bucket it will take forever but a much more effective and less time taking method is to use a pool cover pump.

There are various pool pumps available in the market from a variety of manufactures but Superior pump are the finest makers of Pool cover pumps which lasts longer than others. Superior pump 91250 Pool cover pump is their superlative product as they use high-quality gears like windings of copper, stainless steel carrying shaft seals that are heavy-duty, and a series of split capacitors that can be controlled electronically.

About the Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump

The Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump is an ideal and must-have appliance for your Swimming pool maintenance. The Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump is made of thermoplastic material with ¼ HP and can sit underwater as it is submersible.

This pool cover pump can move up to 1800 gallons of water with a power cord that is almost 10 feet long and garden hose. The Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump has the ability to lift water that goes as high as 25′ of vertically thus making it ideal for larger and deeper swimming pools.

It can handle up to almost 1/9th of an inch of solids and can separate out large fragments as it is fitted out with a suction screen. The Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump is UL/CUL listed as well as certified by the CSA.

Features Of  Superior Pump 91250

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Here are some of the features that make the Superior Pump 91250 pool pump a top-class option.

  • Ultimate flow rate – it has an 1800 GPH flow rate which is a tremendous flow rate and can drain the water out in almost an hour
  • Electric motor – it is armed with a 0.25 HP electric motor which
  • 10 ft, power cord
  • Lightweight – It has a dimension of 12 x 7 x 7 inches and a weight of almost 5 pounds
  • AC power- It has an AC power source
  • Voltage – It operates only on 120V
  • Horsepower – It has a powerful 0.25 HP

Pros, Cons, and Alternatives for the Superior Pump 91250

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As with any best pool pump option, there are going to be advantages and disadvantages when compared to other product options. This option is no exception.

We would be remiss if we didn’t cover this pool pump from all angles, though. Below are some of the pros and cons that we have discovered with the Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump.


While this pool pump is a solid option, it’s always good to have alternatives. This is especially true when you only want the best for what is likely one of the most expensive things in your home: your pool.

As such, below are a few alternative options to the Superior Pump 91250 Pool Cover Pump.


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Our Final verdict

superior pump 91250

The Superior Pump 91250 is the finest Pool Cover Pump by The superior pump and is highly durable and can perform extraordinarily in large pools too. It can suck up to 1800 gallons of water with in minimal time. 

Its powerful motor makes all the suction work done by the pool covers an easy and quick task thus giving tough competition to other pool cover pumps with standard-sized hoses.

The Superior Pump Thermoplastic Submersible Utility Pump has been the first choice for everyone because it is one of the best units you can easily buy.